Some of the ClearTech lamps are designed to be compatible with popular OEM lamps. At the point of purchase from any of our authorized retailers, you will always find a Letter of Compatibility in PDF format for easy printing. Additionally, we include a current letter of compatibility inside each case of lamps.

The most common questions asked are in regard to our ClearTech 20, which is compatible with the following lamps:

In size F71: Voltarc F71T12/BL50PINK/BP, Bellarium Plus SA2-71-100W, Bellarium S SA1-71-100W, Brilliance F71T12 BP 5.0 Crystal Sun S DAI-763-100W, Diamond Sun S DSS71-T12-100W, Euro Sun S3 ES3-71-100W, EverGlo 71 100W, Velocity VEL71-T12-100W, Goldarium S P SA1-12-100W , Dark Tan F71 100W, Genesis 120W F71T12-HO-120W Dominion DOM-71-100W, Cosmolux ESP 12600/100W, Goldarium S SA1-12-100W, Genesis 105 Plus F71

In size F73:Bellarium Plus SA2-10-100W, Bellarium S SA1-10-100W, Instantan 5.0 F73/HO, Accelerator ACC73-T12-100W Crystal Sun S DA1-767-100W, Diamond Sun S DSS73-T12-100W, Euro Sun S3 ES3-73-100W, Real Sun F73/HO/XX, Goldarium S SA1-12-100W Goldarium S P 100W F73, Meridian XL F73T12HO/65 6 Plus, Genesis 120W F73T12-HO-120W, Ultra F1B, Ultra F1A, Velocity VEL-73-100W, VIP Gold HO-SE/F73 F73 Puretan S+, EverGlo EG1-73-100W, Dominion DOM-73-100W, Cosmolux ESP 12601/100W, Eternal Sun F73

In size F59: Bellarium S SA1-59-80W, Crystal Sun S DA1-59-80W, Ultra F1/80, Real Sun XX F59, Sunburst S59, Cosmolux ESP 12580/80W Diamond Sun S DSS59T12-80W, Euro Sun S3 ES3-59-80W,F59 Puretan S+, Instantan 5.0 F59/BP, Sunburst S59, Goldarium S P SA1-12-80W, Meridian XL F59T12HO/65 6 Plus, EverGlo EG1-59-80W, Velocity VEL59-T12-80W, Goldarium S SA1-12-80W, Accelerator ACC59-T12-80W Philips Advantage 80W, Genesis 120W F59T12-HO-120W

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